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Sonny's Style
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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
8:47 pm
I found that if I don't get the sweet tea, there is no emergency Sonny's Slam necessary after eating there.
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
12:32 pm
so when is sonny's open?
this ain't much of a rhyme
but i'm pretty fuckin starved
and it's barbecue time!
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
1:03 pm
Sonny's Blues
Hanging out down in the NOLA
Tryin to get a bite to eat
But all they got is free Jew food
I'm talkin kosher wiener meat

They don't put themselves into it
Like ole Mister Nickels do
But I guess they don't like ovens
So they don't mess with BBQ

Life's a bitch after Katrina
Chickenbox don't taste like home
May as well go work at Popeyes
Get free biscuits and get paid nine bones
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
10:26 am
Callin out motherfuckin MC Blackbeard Tron

You be rollin in here late like you was FEMA
Tryin to start some crazy shit with your lyrical demeanor
I got news for you, bitch
I ain't scared of your belittling
Cos your three-inch Jimmy's
Bout as hard as boiled chitlins
2:41 am
Round TWO
Listen if you wants to Stephen, Terrence, and Me.

You talk about sonny’s like you know what it’s ‘bout
Delicious food goes in, then pleasing words come out your mouth
This is more than the south
This is more than a trend
Find that hole-in-the-wall and bring your stupid-ass in.

Mild, mixed, or hot, but the hot is for the brave
If you got a weak stomach something else is what you crave
You can’t deal with the hot. Don’t play, it’s not a game.
You think you can? I think not! It’ll have you screaming in pain
Come on, what you got? I’m calling you out by name
You say that shit is good?
Okay, I say the same.
Like a runaway slave, that barbeque is off the chain.

The food is straight you don’t need a meal plan
It’s hotter than the mother fucking klu klux klan
You can bring five friends, you can bring ten hoes
This fire is better than fucking dominoes
This is TJ and yeah I’m six foot 10
A bite of this food will bring you back again

Yeah bring me the sweet tea
Yeah you know that’s all me
I’m downin this shit like its some hot wet pussy

Coal is to hot like sauce is to burn
A bite of this shit and your punk ass’ll learn
That sunny’s is real, your boy T don’t lie
So bring your ass over and give it a try

Yeah I’m white, fuck you who cares
I’m a mother fucking soldier that makes a glare
I eat this food, and its great to eat
It’ll fuck you up and oh my god, skeet, skeet!
White boy goes in white boy goes out
Multi cultural shit from the mother fucking south
Yeah we’re dirty
yeah we’re fly
So swing on over and give the shit a try
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
1:48 pm
"chicken heads get cooked if they try steppin up"
Eat your heart out Will Smith.

uh huh, yeah.
16th section road, representin
where ma boy roosevelt nickels at,
he need'a get dis party started!

c'mon motherfucker we gon' go for a ride
BBQ pork with some toast on the side
dip it in ma sweet tea, it's like heaven
take a big gulp like 7-11
roosevelt nickels is the boss,
all the ladies go wild for his sauce
when Sonny's lights up you better back the fuck off
chicken heads get cooked if you try steppin' up
1:08 pm
Nigga I was born down souf, southern Miss where I hail.
Headin' out to Sonny's, servin sauce by the pail.
Mothafuckas wanna front, but they can't roll true.
I'll serve they ass like they was barbeque.
Now if you wanna roll, jus step up to the plate.
Got them ribs, chicken, catfish; put them shits in yo' face.
Now dat we eet, hit up Robot_House, bitckity-bam,
Rock n' Roll baffroom, gonna drop a Sonny's Slam. BITCH WHAT
10:13 am
Lick it up
MC Saucy be callin out her crew
Sweet and spicy, yeah you know how we do
We be sippin on some tea
We be droppin hella cheese
Fuck with us and we go Katrina Style on you

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